50 photography quotes to boost your morale

50 Photography Quotes Photography quotes may be anywhere on the internet and can be found freely. We, at Photornia, are aiming to create our own original quotes which you are more than free to use them as you like. Although it took me a long period of time to find …

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13 Tips to Improve your 50mm Photography

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.2 manual focus lens

For many photographers, a 50mm lens is a golden tool on their arsenal. Due to the quality, cheap price, sharpness and versatility of the lens, this makes it possible to be used across from the first buyers to professional photographers. There is always room for improvements and extra tips to …

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How to Photograph Fireworks with your DSLR

Photographing fireworks with your DSLR can be a bit tricky but relatively simple. There is no rocket science behind and you don’t need advanced skills to be able to perform this task. As most of the photographers are using only one main way to shoot fireworks (long exposure), I want …

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How to shoot HDR photographs with your DSLR


HDR, or High Dynamic Range is a technique in photography to produce a great dynamic range of luminosity, which a camera sensor cannot capture in a single photograph. You heard for sure about HDR and you definitely saw that your mobile phone has this option on your camera settings but …

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Dropstock.io Review for Stock Photographers

Outside of dropstock.io, one of the biggest nightmares in stock photography is that if you are working with multiple stock agencies, is to upload your photographs to all of them, one by one. Imagine having 100 photographs you have to upload to 10 agencies, write descriptions and keywords to each …

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