50 photography quotes to boost your morale

50 photography quotes to boost your morale

50 Photography Quotes

Photography quotes may be anywhere on the internet and can be found freely. We, at Photornia, are aiming to create our own original quotes which you are more than free to use them as you like.

Although it took me a long period of time to find the inspiration and power to write 50 photography quotes, with no delays, in this post, I want to share them with you to boost your morale.

Table Of Contents

Photography Quotes 1 to 10

“The beauty of photography is the ability to stop the time and to store memories for eternity “

“Everyone is born with no knowledge. Only the time can give you that ”

“In photography, dedication is the only process describing your real need for success “

“We can always control our mental state. We just have to learn how.”

“Creativity is your imagination going crazy. Let it go creative, don’t stop it”

“Success is the superior and final limit we have created with our minds. We decide when we are successful or not”

“Working harder would not bring you success, but working smarter will!”

“As life itself is a journey, photography is a beautiful and colourful road walked in our journey.”

“There is no such thing as failure. This goes the opposite of success, the inferior limit our brain created. Call it a failsafe.”

“Your journey as a photographer can be either a moth or a beautiful butterfly. You pick it!”

Photography Quotes 11 to 20

“Even if a lifetime is not enough to explore this beautiful world, you can still leave something behind: Your lifetime memories in digital format “

“A camera is just an object. You are the real value here”

“When you feel more butterflies in your belly than you are photographing, then you are a real photographer “

“The road of success is determined by your actions in life as a photographer.”

“Your photos may be like a drop in the ocean of photos existant, but this drop can always change the weather”

“The lifetime challenge of a photographer is to change the world with one click of a shutter!”

“Only a photograph can store the emotions of reality”

“Photography is like poetry but written with pictures”

“If you ever doubt your skills as a photographer, let the heart to take over”

“Don’t let the bad weather to kill your passion. Create art from that.”

Photography Quotes 21 to 30

“A new day means new opportunities for a photographer. The past points only to the memories you stored for eternity.”

“The art of creating art is called photography”

“Not only a blue sky can create art. The magic lays under the starry night.”

“The glitter of the stars intensifies on a good photograph”

“If you fear to capture photographs because of what people will say, those images will never exist.”

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a new day, but today is time to create something unique.”

“Creativity is part of photography. It doesn’t matter your skill level but it matters your level of creativity. Be different. Be unique. Be a photographer!”

“Your camera is part of your body. Remember that!”

“It takes more than a lifetime to travel the world and photograph all the beautiful things. Do not let the time flow near you, as you cannot turn the clock back! Do what you love!”

“Always remember the first time you held a camera on your hand, the happiness when you take your first pictures. Never forgot the starting moments, and whenever you’re feeling down, reflect back on the happy moments!”

Photography Quotes 31 to 40

“If you don’t have the courage to do it, you won’t get to fulfil your dreams.“

“A photographer has a lifetime of journeys, with up the hill and down the valley only to stop the time and enjoy the true reality”

“Although there is a first image captured ever, there won’t ever be a last one. The dreams are feeding to create art for eternity.”

“A wall of fame, a timeline of art. A lifetime as a photographer fulfils an infinite heart.“

“Since I ever touched my first camera, magic happened. Words cannot express the perfection of creating memories and art for eternity”

“Love life and live to photograph”

“Only with a photograph you store a real memory in every pixel.”

“If you ever gonna be lost on your own mind, take the camera and go, explore and photograph the beauty of this world. Truly, you will find your path.”

“If you are on a boat when you want to capture a photo and the boat is wobbly, put the boat on a tripod for stability.”

“Don’t ever be ashamed of your first photograph. It is the spark which feeds the passion.”

Photography Quotes 41 to 50

“If you follow everyone’s advice, you will never be able to fulfil your dreams. Follow your heart and always make the right decisions. You have a lifetime only, be a photographer.”

“What you see through the eye-finder of a camera, is the world you can reshape at your will.”

“Although a butterfly will live only one day on earth, the beauty of a butterfly in a photograph will last forever.”

“The sun will always shine in a photograph”

“Only with photography you are able to capture details our eyes cannot perceive.”

“Even if a Rubik’s cube has 43 quintillion combinations, by comparing, with photography you can capture a lot more.”

“You don’t need to have many cameras and tons of lenses to be a successful photographer, all you need to have is a single one of each and the passion for it.”

“The leading lines and photography rules are there to be broken in order to create something unique.”

“Photography is like music, a form of art not many people being able to understand it, but for those who will, they will find the joy in photography as in the notes of music.”

“When you are getting through the stages of life, priorities changes. Remember your passion for photography and don’t ever let anything change that!”

The end

Well, thank you for remaining with us until the end of this post and I hope you liked the quotes we created and shared with you. Remember, it took me a long period of time to create it one by one, whenever I felt inspired, and nothing was copied from elsewhere nor inspired from other places.

I hope to see you around and feel free to share our quotes. Take care!

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Photography quotes may be anywhere on the internet and can be found freely. We, at Photornia, are aiming to create our own original quotes which you are more than free to use them as you like.

Although it took me a long period of time to find the inspiration and power to write 50 photography quotes, with no delays, in this post, I want to share them with you to boost your morale.

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