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What does it take to build a photography website

Hello my photographer friends, have you’ve been wondering how is to build a photography website and what does it take to do it?
To build a photography website can be either easy or hard, cheap or expensive.
If you want to read more about how to build a photography website, follow the link.

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8 Beginner Photography Mistakes to Avoid

8 beginner photography mistakes to avoid.
Photography is a learning process and mistakes are part of learning any new skills. In photography, everyone can do mistakes, there is no doubt.
Don’t undervalue yourself or feel bad if your photography game doesn’t reach your requirements. It may be some involuntary mistakes you have been made.

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Weekend Photography Trip – What gear to take?

Having a weekend photography trip as a photographer means that you will have to pick your destination and gear. Travel light? heavy? with the car?

It is not the easiest thing to pack your gear and just go, even if is just for the weekend.
As there are many things to take into consideration, and from my own experience I will try to share some tips and advice for a weekend photography trip for you to consider.

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Top 5 ways to earn passive income with digital photography

Being a photographer is not an easy job. In the vast overpopulated place called planet Earth, there are actually many photographers.

Despite a large number of buyers, the photography business is overgrown, and you as a photographer must sell your artwork.

Talking only about digital photography, I want to share you the top 5 ways you can earn money with digital photography.

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