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How to Photograph Fireworks with your DSLR

Photographing fireworks with your DSLR can be a bit tricky but relatively simple. There is no rocket science behind and you don’t need advanced skills to be able to perform this task. As most of the photographers are using only one main way to shoot fireworks (long exposure), I want …

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How to shoot HDR photographs with your DSLR


HDR, or High Dynamic Range is a technique in photography to produce a great dynamic range of luminosity, which a camera sensor cannot capture in a single photograph. You heard for sure about HDR and you definitely saw that your mobile phone has this option on your camera settings but …

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How to Take Sharper Photos with your DSLR

One of the biggest problems and challenges in special for new photographers is to take sharper photos. Although the extraordinary DSLR equipment and lenses are able to capture breathtaking photographs, at the same time, it is relatively harder to be able to take sharp photos. How to take sharper photos …

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