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About me, as an individual

A simple introduction

Two things I am bad at: Introducing myself and writing the finish lines of a blog post, but I will try the first one today: Hello, I am Gabriel, born in the 90 and I am super passionate about photography and binoculars. My life is a bit more like a drama novel, and I am working towards closing some chapters of my life and to open new ones.

I am working in the mental health industry as probably mentioned before and I am a freelance photographer in my time off. I work on this and my other blog “expert binoculars” for a while now as an individual. If you want to read more about the blogs, check this out 🙂

I moved to the UK about 5 years ago and I live in the beautiful town of Hastings. I am originally from Romania, therefore, English is my second language. I hope I am doing okay with writing these blogs. A while back I used to live in the Czech Republic as well, great country. There, I met the love of my life, which I live together with. No kids yet.

My life was a drama novel with ups and downs, and sometimes I had no idea which is the right path to take. My life got me a few unexpected results. But one thing is certain, that blogging, photography and binoculars are what I want from the future. Not a lot of binoculars though, but to succeed big time in blogging. And I will work my every second towards that.

What about my bucket list? I have one. It may be a bit zoned to keep two bucket lists on about me page over my two blogs, therefore, If you want to find more about it, have a check on the other about me page over expert binoculars.

I am not afraid to speak about myself, and sometimes this works as a therapy, in special when you hit a barrier in life. Writing this now, about me, I want you to know me a bit better as an individual if you are a photographer or a person interested in photography. We all have a life and a story behind.

But for now, I am bad at the second thing: saying goodbye… so. I hope to see you around?