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13 Tips to Improve your 50mm Photography

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.2 manual focus lens

For many photographers, a 50mm lens is a golden tool on their arsenal. Due to the quality, cheap price, sharpness and versatility of the lens, this makes it possible to be used across from the first buyers to professional photographers. There is always room for improvements and extra tips to …

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How to Take Sharper Photos with your DSLR

One of the biggest problems and challenges in special for new photographers is to take sharper photos. Although the extraordinary DSLR equipment and lenses are able to capture breathtaking photographs, at the same time, it is relatively harder to be able to take sharp photos. How to take sharper photos …

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8 Beginner Photography Mistakes to Avoid

8 beginner photography mistakes to avoid. Photography is a learning process and mistakes are part of learning any new skills. In photography, everyone can do mistakes, there is no doubt. Don't undervalue yourself or feel bad if your photography game doesn't reach your requirements. It may be some involuntary mistakes you have been made.

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