How to train your photographic eye

How to train your photographic eye
How to train your photographic eye by Gabriel M. at

In photography, training your photographic eye or how to say, your eye for photography is one of the most important steps to take in consideration for being a brilliant photographer.

Expensive camera? It does matter, but not so much! If you have an expensive camera it does not mean that you will take amazing pictures.

A camera is just a tool. You are the photographer, you are the person taking the picture. But what is a photographic eye and how can you train it?

A photographic eye is an ability or skill you develope in photography to be able to take outstanding photographs, to frame the elements for a better composition. It is the number one criteria in creating either a good photo or a masterpiece photograph.

What should you take in consideration when taking photographs, and how to train your photographic eye are subject we are going to discuss in this topic.

Training your photographic eye: The technical side of photography.

The exposure triangle

As a photographer it is important to know the technical side of the photography at first, how to use properly the shutter, aperture and what ISO values to use depending on your scene

Learning the technicals such as the exposure triangle is the first step in training your photographic eye.

There are plenty of tutorials around the web which can help you understand better the exposure triangle and how to master it.

Light and exposure:

It is the next step to take in consideration. Are you able to take photographs on any given light conditions? Are you able to take the right exposed photos with what you have? If those answers are YES, you are on the right track.

Taking the right exposure, neither underexposed or overexposed means that you probably already know (not master) the exposure triangle.

The auto mode of your DSLR does not count. Definitely not. Learn to shoot in aperture mode, in shutter mode and in manual mode.


There are so many ways you can compose your photo and you need to learn how to arrange the elements in the frame for a better composition.

Studying the photography rules of composition will give you a better perspective in creating a great image and to train your photographic eye.

To know how to use the rule of thirds, how to properly fill the frame or how to use and arrange the patterns are necessary things to know in order to compose your photo right.

Training your photographic eye. Exercises

There are plenty of ways to train your photographic eye but all of them are related to a single one: practice

Frame a subject from multiple angles

This is a good practice to know how to frame a subject from any angle. Pick your subject. Let’s say that is a simple bench okay?

Take about 10 to 15 photographs of that bench using the photography rules of composition from different angles.

It can be up-down, ground level, rule of third, fill-in, creating greater depth and so on. Practice and attempt to get them right. Then pick another subject or element to focus.

Spend more time with your eye on the eye-finder

As long as it doesn’t look weird doing this in a public place by having your eye on the camera continuously, it should be okay to try doing this practice.

Go somewhere where there are no people and spend a great amount of time with your eye on the eye finder. Look through it and create your own composition by framing the elements into the scenes as you like.

Focus your attention on details. Include and exclude unwanted elements from your scene and shoot from different angles.

Practice this as the eye finder is the only eye you have and you see with.

Sweet&Love my camera! Conclusion:

Everything is more or less related to practice. This is not something you may be able to learn from the internet but to take some bits of advice and go practising.

It does take time to train your photographic eye, but more time you spend with your DSLR following the right rules of composition and to know when to break them can make you a better photographer.

But wait. What about other types of cameras?

Learning with a DSLR or mirrorless, or pretty much with any camera with a viewfinder is the easiest way. It is not impossible to learn to train your photographic eye with your camera phone, but you need to be patient. Apply the same rules and same practice more or less.

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In photography, training your photographic eye or how to say, your eye for photography is one of the most important steps to take in consideration for being a brilliant photographer.

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