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Essential Guide to Black and White Photography

It is well known that black and white photographs are timeless. Not only that, but a viewer is likely to spend more time looking to a black and white photograph or engaging with it, than a colour one. The emotions driven by this type of photography is unique and does not die as time goes on. There are many cases and situations where black and white photography can have a better impact on a viewer than a coloured one.

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Should You Add Watermark On Your Photographs?

Should you add watermark on your photographs?

A (digital) watermark is a transparent piece of text or image, usually the signature of the photographer, which is placed on the photo in order to protect the image from stealing. But lately, the photographers sign their work not only to protect the images but to promote themselves as well. There are indeed advantages and disadvantages of using it on your work.

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What is Spot (Selective) Colour Photography?

spot colour photography

Although spot colour photography has a similar concept to B&W photography, this doesn't apply the same rules. Whenever we are taking a spot colour photograph, the aforementioned will not appear on the screen how we see it in our minds but in colour. Draw your total focus to the subject and think if this is the only element in the viewer's focus, how everything else will be looking in black and white?

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